The drink

Choose a fruit juice mix! Add your organic herb or spice and
100% fruit juice which are all freshly blended for us to serve to you!

The Smoothie Plus


One glass of Yak Yak provides a significant proportion of your necessary daily minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.


Simple and fast to make - ready in under half a minute.


Extra quality at the price of gooey, carbonated drinks.


Outstanding quality raw ingredients - some fair trade and organic.


Infinitely powerful effect and flavour variations thanks to the herbs and spices that can be chosen.


Gives long-term energy, doesn’t hype you artificially.


Also recommended for those on a diet, diabetics and children. It’s satisfying, but it doesn’t make you fat.


It is what it looks like, you can trust us!

Expert background


Raw ingredients

Our fruits

Excellent quality fruits, many organically grown, are carefully frozen using IQF technology and then we store them and deliver them to you at the agreed time.

Advantages of freezing

They are frozen as often freezing protects the nutritional value and vitamin content better than “freshly bought’ where the hours and days prior to consumption result in a significant reduction in vitamin levels due to oxidisation, as proven by numerous independent, international scientific studies such as Leatherhead Food Research at the University of Chester, and the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition and other research. Thus they are often recommended in treating cancer and in many cases they also increase physical and intellectual achievement.

Business offer

Sustainable Business

Sustainability in business and towards the environment, so:

We don’t package anything in plastic, only in biodegradable, compostable materials, in bags made of paper and corn starch. Our branded cups are not made from plastic either and so don’t cost anyone any money.

  • Our drinks are easily deliverable and storable requiring minimal space; they do not require a deposit so are lighter on the environment.
  • As for delivery, in the near future we would like to make deliveries with non-petrol/diesel cars, thus using a far less damaging to the environment alternative. Our products also assist us in that during the freezing.
  • We do not supply the chemical industry but the agricultural sector with our orders, - only from checked sources, sources that are as geographically close as possible, guaranteed quality, mainly organically grown fruits and herbs.
  • No chopping, peeling, waste - no waste produced during production either.


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