The ingredients for the successful YAK YAK franchise:

If you are thinking about being one of the first to sell this drink of the modern day, get your advantage as later this is likely to be naturally in most places.

  • Outstanding quality ingredients - at a competitive price.
  • Risk-free development opportunity – your restaurant or bar can benefit from investment-free new profile.
  • Technology that is easy to install.
  • Professional expert and business background.
  • Innovation! Top quality at an average price.
  • Our technology is simple, genuine, a cheap solution to conquer and retain a new target group. Not only for those in search of foreign, quality, health drinks, but also for the growing number of those here at home.
  • Since ingredients have a one-and-a-half-year best before date and require minimal storage space, storage is practical and risk-free.
  • Reliable delivery at the agreed time.
  • No need for long teaching hour.
  • Can be made in 20-30 seconds. No need to wash, peel or chop
  • Now bring on the numbers! Let’s see how quickly the cost of the blender is covered and how much profit it brings:
  • Those who enter the YAK YAK network only pay for the raw ingredients (frozen fruit mixes + 200 ml 100-% fruit juice/serving, + herbs and spices). We don’t have a franchise fee and no costs for herb storage boxes, containers, advertising, delivery. All you need is a blender. Please get in contact with our customer service for the current price list and contract.
  • YAK YAK Smoothie Plus is a system designed by international experts that is constantly being developed, along with its products. We nurture relationships with our partners and are always curious about their opinions. We are planning for the long term with you and always act according to clear business ethics.